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These conduction headphones are just $23 for Cyber Monday

29 Nov 23 | Mac

In the market for a new set of headphones? Right now is a great time to shop because our Cyber […]

The incredibly thin AirJet fan turns a MacBook Air into a MacBook Pro

28 Nov 23 | Mac

Most PCs use fans to help their chips maintain an optimal operating temperature. These fans are bulky and noisy, which […]

Can you solve the case of the mysteriously reoccurring iPhone alarm?

28 Nov 23 | Mac

On TikTok, angelegsofia has had a problem with her iPhone for the past five years. Every morning, at 9:25 a.m., […]

There’s an iPhone mini sucker born every minute

28 Nov 23 | Mac

Good news, iPhone mini-istas! We finally have definitive proof small phones are still a great market and Apple should bring […]

OpenAI's loss is Microsoft's gain: How the AI race just changed

20 Nov 23 | Windows

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images When a company invests $13 billion in a startup, as Microsoft has with OpenAI, you would expect […]

Apple’s walled garden is wilting

20 Nov 23 | Mac

Welcome to our weekly Apple Breakfast column, which includes all the Apple news you missed last week in a handy […]

Join Sam’s Club now at one of the lowest prices of the year, just $20 for a one-year membership!

19 Nov 23 | Mac

With the holidays fast approaching, you may wonder how to stock up on treats, decor, gifts, and more without breaking […]

Early Black Friday iPhone case deals

18 Nov 23 | Mac

Just about any product you can think of has a Black Friday deal somewhere, and there are plenty if you […]

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