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Microsoft to drop its HealthVault Insights apps

18 Jan 18 | Windows

While Microsoft is continuing to focus on the intersection of health technology and artificial intelligence, it is discontinuing one of […]

Apple to Let Users Control CPU Throttling on iPhones

18 Jan 18 | Apple, iOS, iPhone, Mobile, Windows

Apple was recently found to be intentionally slowing down older iPhone devices. The company later apologized for poor communication with […]

Windows Weekly 553: Even Paul Can’t Read It All

 Leo, Mary Jo and I discuss Microsoft’s Microsoft’s future as an AI company, Windows 10, and a new Xbox […]

Tip: Make Sure Your PC is Safe from Meltdown and Spectre

Security expert Steve Gibson has done it again. His latest utility, InSpectre, can check your PC to see whether it […]

Stardock Includes Groupy in Object Desktop 2018

 Stardock announced this week that its Object Desktop 2018 suite is now available, along with limited-time special pricing. There […]

Google Will Again Prioritize Faster Sites in Mobile Search

Google is once again pushing faster sites in search. The search engine giant announced today that it will be releasing […]

Facebook Wants You to Watch Videos Together With Your Friends

Live videos have been a massive hit for Facebook across all of its platform, including Instagram and its core social […]

Project Fi Picks Up Unlimited Data Plan with Cost Protection

Google announced today that it will extend the “pay for what you use” benefits of Project Fi to include what […]

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