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Google Maps' Incognito Mode is being tested for those who who don't want their whereabouts known

19 Sep 19 | Mobile, News

Google Chrome has an Incognito Mode that allows users to browse the web privately. Even someone else that you might […]

Apple files to trademark the 'Slofie' name

18 Sep 19 | Mobile, News

If you were watching Apple’s new product event last week, you might have done a double-take when the world “Slofies” […]

Android users no longer have to tax their brains when using two-factor authorization

18 Sep 19 | Mobile, News

Don’t you hate receiving a text with a verification code for two-factor authorization that is just so long that you […]

Living with Chromebook: First Steps (Premium)

Living with Chromebook: First Steps (Premium) – Premium For sure, the basics are familiar.   Chrome OS boots into a desktop environment that has on-screen elements that look […]

Microsoft’s Changing How it Reports Xbox Sales

18 Sep 19 | Games, Microsoft, Windows, Xbox, Xbox One

One of the great traditions in the accounting offices at Microsoft is to change up reporting metrics to make it […]

Popular Surface Pro 7 accessory is certified by the FCC

18 Sep 19 | Mobile, News

On October 2nd, Microsoft will hold its next Surface event and we expect to see the latest iteration of Microsoft’s […]

2020 iPad Pro may arrive in March with 3D sensing camera by LG

18 Sep 19 | Mobile, News

Rumors about a potential iPad Pro refresh in late October have been flying around recently but a new report (via MacRumors) […]

T-Mobile has a lot on its plate, but wants to put something on your plate next Tuesday

18 Sep 19 | Mobile, News

T-Mobile has a lot on its, uh, plate. This week the carrier is shipping out Apple iPhone pre-orders, continuing to […]

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