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Always Connected PC is a Counter to All the Nonsense in Windows 10 (Premium)

After many misfires, Microsoft and its partners are on the verge of fundamentally changing how PCs work. This time, it’s […]

Microsoft Finally Documents the Limitations of Windows 10 on ARM

For over a year we’ve been treated to the fantasy that Windows 10 on ARM was the same as Windows […]

And It Just Hurts: Apple Employees Are Walking Into Walls

16 Feb 18 | Apple, iOS, iPhone, UX, Windows

Apple’s new spaceship campus that opened last year is one beautiful HQ. But the new campus apparently has a big […]

First Ring Daily Live – Edging the Exploits

On this episode of First Ring Daily Live, Brad is finally not in a car, Paul is back to his […]

Cortana Now Works With Automation Service IFTTT, More Smart Home Devices

Amid all the discussion around Microsoft neglecting development of its smart assistant Cortana, the company today announced some big updates […]

Microsoft Is Bringing 1440p Support to Xbox One Family

Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles are getting support for 1440p with an upcoming update. Xbox team’s Kevin Gammill‏ today teased the new […]

Paul’s Tech Makeover: Embracing our Cord-Cutting Future (Premium)

Using a cord-cutting service requires the ability to give up expectations we have from the past and be open to […]

The Sams Report: Sparking the Windows 7 Flint

On this episode of The Sams Report, Microsoft throws a bone to Windows 7, cuts a little cheddar off of […]

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