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Back to Google Fi (Premium)

Posted April 10, 2022 | Android | Cloud | Google | Google Fi | iOS | Mint Mobile | Mobile | Premium | Windows

After two years with Mint Mobile, I’ve moved my phone number back to Google Fi. I’ll miss hearing from Mint owner Ryan Reynolds, and the lower overall cost. But there’s no doubt that Fi is the better overall service, at least for my needs.

To understand why, let’s start at the beginning: in 2007, I switched from Verizon and my then long-running 781 area code phone number to AT&T, when I received the 617 area code number that I’m still using. At that time, Verizon had a vastly superior network, which was why I was using it, but Apple released the iPhone as an AT&T exclusive and that was that. My phone was futuristic, but my wireless network was, for a time, from the past.

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