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Good Defense Wins the Game (Premium)

With Microsoft now mounting its defense of the challenged Activision Blizzard bid, a key truth remains unchanged. There is no […]

Sony is Fighting Microsoft Subpoena in Activision Blizzard Case

Predictably, Sony is doing everything it can to not respond to a Microsoft subpoena that would require it to be […]

EU Could Make Streaming Services Help Pay for Telecom Upgrades

Lawmakers in the European Union have introduced a proposal that would make Netflix and other heavy users of bandwidth help […]

Report: EU to Launch Antitrust Case Against Microsoft Teams

Politico reports that the European Union is poised to launch an antitrust case against Microsoft for abuses related to Teams. […]

Spotify, Others Urge European Commission to Take Action Against Apple

18 Jan 23 | Antitrust, Apple, iOS, Spotify, Windows

Spotify, Basecamp, Deezer, and other companies have sent an open letter to Margrethe Vestager, asking the European Commission to stop […]

Public Support for Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard Acquisition is Strong

A newly released survey from a Chilean regulatory body confirmed what the UK already discovered: public support for Microsoft’s Activision […]

Microsoft Revises Its Response to the FTC

Last night, Microsoft filed an amended version of its response to the FTC lawsuit over its planned acquisition of Activision […]

Pre-Trial Hearing in FTC Case Against Microsoft Set for Tuesday

Microsoft and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will face each other in court on Tuesday in a first pre-trial […]