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Here’s what users really think of Apple’s stock iOS apps

30 Sep 21 | Apple App Store, Mac

While you’ve been able to delete and download Apple’s apps since iOS 10, Apple hasn’t allowed users to express how […]

Google’s airtight legal defense: Apple is better

Have you ever noticed how sometimes the things a company says to the public at large or the investment community […]

Apple bans Fortnite indefinitely as Epic CEO lashes out on Twitter

23 Sep 21 | Apple App Store, Mac

Weeks ago, a judge ruled that Apple needed to change some developer terms as a result of a ruling in […]

Apple didn’t actually lose the Epic case—but what if it had?

Last week saw the court ruling in the Apple versus Epic case and after the dust has settled it seems […]

App Store change has been slow, but it may need to get quicker very soon

07 Sep 21 | Apple App Store, Mac

In the last week, Apple has announced that it’s making a few changes to its App Store rules. These have […]

Macworld Podcast: Apple’s meager App Store settlement; the future Apple CEO

Apple reached a settlement in a lawsuit with developers—and it looks like the developers got a raw deal. And who […]

Japan Fair Trade Commission forces Apple to slightly loosen restrictions on ‘reader’ apps

02 Sep 21 | Apple App Store, Legal, Mac

Apple has long allowed what it calls “reader” apps (like Netflix, Kindle, Spotify, Audible, or Dropbox) to bill users outside […]

Apple’s App Store deal with developers is all spin, no substance

The Macalope has given The Washington Post a hard time lately for its excessively neener-neener coverage of Apple so it’s […]