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Gurman Dishes on Apple’s 2023 Product Releases

A new report from the ever-reliable Mark Gurman reveals some new information about the new Mac Pro, Apple’s mixed-reality (MR) […]

Microsoft Authenticator is Dropping Support for the Apple Watch

Microsoft will be pulling the plug on its Microsoft Authenticator app for the Apple Watch in January. The company explained […]

Apple Watch Series 8: Decision Made

With 10 days (and nights) of usage under my belt, it’s time to decide whether I’m keeping the Apple Watch […]

IDC: Wearable Sales Declined in Q2

20 Sep 22 | Apple Watch, wearables, Windows

The market researchers at IDC say wearable sales declined in Q2, and they’re blaming everything except the quality of the […]

Apple Watch Series 8: Gym

I finally found the time to bring the Apple Watch Series 8 to the gym and see how it compares […]

Apple Watch Series 8: Battery, Rings, Niceties

I was hoping to use the Apple Watch at the gym today, but my wife and I had the genius […]

Apple Watch Series 8: Day Two

I woke up this morning as I do on most Saturdays—a bit later than usual—and set out with my normal […]

Apple Watch Series 8 First Impressions

I haven’t owned an Apple Watch since the OG version in 2015, but after years of frustrations with Fitbit, I’m […]