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Report: Chromebook Sales Fell Through the Floor in Q2

Tablet sales are flat and PC sales are down, but IDC reports that Chromebook sales have fallen the hardest of […]

Chrome OS Flex is Ready to Turn Any PC or Mac Into a Chromebook

Chrome OS Flex, Google’s free version of Chrome OS that can be installed on any PC and Mac is going […]

More Mobile: Trying the OS Alternatives (Premium)

More Mobile: Trying the OS Alternatives (Premium) – Premium I’ve been thinking a lot about Windows alternatives lately. And […]

Steam Alpha is Now Available on the Chrome OS Dev Channel

The alpha version of Steam for Chromebooks that Google announced last week is now available on the Chrome OS Dev […]

The Future of Computing is … a Tablet? (Premium)

After years of pushing Chrome OS on tablets, Google now claims that Android tablets are the future of computing. I’m […]

Google Wants to Turn Old PCs Into Chromebooks With Chrome OS Flex

Google has a new plan to expand its growing Chromebook ecosystem, and it’s named Chrome OS Flex. This new version […]

Report: Pixel Phones to Support Streaming Android Apps to PCs and Chromebooks

Google appears to be working on a new feature that will let Pixel owners stream Android apps to a PC, […]

Report: Chromebook Sales Grew 13.5 Percent in 2021

01 Feb 22 | Chrome OS, Chromebook, Windows

The market researchers at IDC say that Chromebooks saw growth in 2021, while sales fell off a cliff in the […]