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Facebook Launches a Kinect-like Device That Lets You Make Video Calls on Your TV

Facebook is launching a new generation of its Portal devices today. The company’s original Portal devices launched first in October […]

Facebook’s New Portal Devices Are Smaller and Support WhatsApp

Along with the new Portal TV, Facebook is launching two new regular Portal devices: the new Portal, and the Portal […]

Facebook Reportedly Working on Smart Glasses to Replace Your Phone

Facebook is reportedly working on its own smart glasses that are apparently meant to replace smartphones. A new CNBC report […]

Facebook Launches Its Dating Platform

Facebook announced its plans for getting into the dating game earlier this year. This week, the company is finally launching […]

Facebook Will Stop Scanning People’s Faces by Default

Facebook seems to be following ahead its promise of transforming into a more privacy-focused company, and it’s making a major […]

Facebook May Soon Get Rid of Like Counts, Too

02 Sep 19 | Facebook, Instagram, Social, Windows

Facebook surprised a lot of people when the company started experimenting with the removal of like counts on Instagram. Like […]

Facebook in Talks With Netflix, Disney, Amazon for TV Chat Device

Facebook has been rumored to be working on a TV chat device in the past. It’s a weird hybrid device […]

DOJ to Investigate Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google

The U.S Department of Justice said Tuesday that it was opening an antitrust review of some of the biggest tech […]