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Google Delivers its Biggest-Ever Pixel Drop

Google today announced the latest Pixel drop, which brings new features to Pixel phones, Pixel Watch, and Pixel Buds. “The […]

Google Pixel 7 Pro First Impressions

They say that first impressions matter, and I have to say, the Pixel 7 Pro has made a great first […]

Google Pixel 7 Pro Preview

In early October, Google announced the Pixel 7 series smartphones, which are by all accounts fairly minor upgrades over the […]

Black Friday Sale, New Tech (Premium)

Black Friday Sale, New Tech (Premium) – Premium I’d been waiting on Google’s Black Friday sale to pull the […]

Pixel 7 is the First 64-Bit-Only Android Phone

Five years after Apple made this shift with the iPhone, Google admitted today that the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro […]

Size Shouldn’t Matter (Premium)

There are different ways for smartphone makers to differentiate their flagship models. But size shouldn’t be a prerequisite for other […]

Google Fi Now Encrypts Cellular Data Traffic for Pixel Users

Google today announced even deeper integration between its Pixel smartphone lineup and its Google Fi mobile carrier service. “Every day, […]

Google to Bring Pixel 7 Features to Older Pixels

10 Oct 22 | Android, Google Pixel, Windows

Google has confirmed that some marquee Pixel 7 features, like Clear Calling and Guided Frame, are coming to the Pixel […]