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Microsoft Is Killing Cortana for Android and IOS

16 Nov 19 | Android, Cortana, iOS, Microsoft, Windows

Microsoft is announcing the death of Cortana’s mobile apps today. The company is shutting down Cortana for Android and iOS […]

Apple Removes Vaping Apps From the App Store

15 Nov 19 | App Store, Apple, iOS, Windows

Apple is putting the hammer down on vaping apps. The company is removing all apps on the App Store that […]

Early Access to “Minecraft Earth” is Available Now in the U.S.

Microsoft announced today that Minecraft Earth early access is available now on Android and iOS in the United States. The […]

Apple to Launch New 3D System on iPads, iPhones

12 Nov 19 | Apple, iOS, iPhone, Mobile, Windows

Apple is reportedly planning to introduce a new 3D system on its mobile hardware. The company has been working on […]

Apple Planning AR Headset Launch for 2022, AR Glasses for 2023

11 Nov 19 | Apple, iOS, Mobile, Tim Cook, Windows

We have been writing about Apple’s AR headset plans for a long time now. Last time we reported about the […]

Google Open Sources Cardboard VR

With the quiet death of Daydream View, Google is open-sourcing its earlier Cardboard effort to prop up its VR platform. […]

Apple Fixes Problematic Background Refresh Bug on iOS

08 Nov 19 | Apple, iOS, iOS 13, iOS 13.2.2, Windows

Apple released iOS 13.2.2 on Tuesday, and it’s all about minor fixes. Apple hasn’t had much luck with the stability […]

Microsoft, Please Bring Outlook Mobile to Windows 10 (Premium)

Microsoft, Please Bring Outlook Mobile to Windows 10 (Premium) – Premium Some eagle-eyed readers have noticed that I’ve moved […]