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Apple iPhone X First Impressions

10 Dec 17 | iOS, iPhone X, Windows

I waited to purchase an iPhone X so that I could get the SIM-free version. Here are some quick first […]

Gmail Now Lets You Use Your Outlook Account on the iPhone

05 Dec 17 | Gmail, Google, iOS, Mobile, Outlook, Windows

Google is bringing support for third-party email accounts to Gmail on iOS this week. The company released a new update […]

Much Ado About Nothing on Smartphone Pricing (Premium)

04 Dec 17 | Android, iOS, Mobile, Premium, Windows

With flagship smartphone pricing finally hitting the $1000 threshold, there’s been a lot of hand-wringing. To access this post, you […]

Google Daydream View: Mobile VR, One Year Later (Premium)

Google’s most elegant mobile VR solution doesn’t get a lot of attention from what I can tell. So maybe it’s […]

Thinking About the Mac (Premium)

Studying how Apple has evolved Mac hardware and macOS software over the years is instructive for any Windows fan. To […]

Apple Rushes iOS 11.2 Release As New iPhone Crashing Bug Emerges

02 Dec 17 | Hardware, iOS, Mobile, Windows

Apple isn’t having too much of a good week. A major security flaw hit MacOS just a few days ago, and […]

Hands-On with Lenovo Star Wars: Jedi Challenges

Star Wars: Jedi Challenges is an amazing augmented reality (AR) experience that will delight Star Wars fans young and old. […]

Microsoft Edge Picks Up a Dark Theme on Mobile

Unlocked from an OS update schedule, Microsoft Edge on mobile is being updated at a rapid clip. And this week, […]