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Microsoft’s Unified Office App Comes to iPhones

19 Feb 20 | iOS, iPhone, Mobile, Office, Windows

Microsoft first announced a new, unified app for Office users back in November. At the time, the company released the […]

iOS 13 Bug Lets Kids Get Around New Parental Controls

13 Dec 19 | Apple, iOS, iOS 13, iOS 13.3, iPhone, Windows

On Wednesday, we reported about the release of iOS 13.3. The new iOS 13 update was released on Tuesday to […]

Google Maps Now Has an Incognito Mode on iPhones

Google is introducing a brand new feature for Google Maps on iPhones. The feature introduces more options for added privacy […]

iPhones Might Go Fully Wireless in 2021

Apple might have some wild things planned for its upcoming generations of iPhones. Although we aren’t expecting any major iPhone […]

Apple to Launch New 3D System on iPads, iPhones

12 Nov 19 | Apple, iOS, iPhone, Mobile, Windows

Apple is reportedly planning to introduce a new 3D system on its mobile hardware. The company has been working on […]

Apple Launches iPhone 11 With a Second Camera, Fastest Mobile CPU

Apple is launching the new iPhone 11 line today. Along with the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, […]

Apple Working on In-Display Fingerprint Scanner for 2020 iPhones

05 Sep 19 | Apple, iOS, iPhone, Mobile, Touch ID, Windows

Apple’s 2019 iPhones are coming out next week. And ahead of the release of Apple’s next iPhones, there are some […]

Apple to Reportedly Introduce New Low-Cost iPhone SE Successor in 2020

04 Sep 19 | Apple, Hardware, iOS, iPhone, Mobile, Windows

Apple has seen a decline in iPhone sales recently following the launch of its flagship devices like the iPhone Xr. […]