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Meta is Working on Twitter/Mastodon Alternative

Meta is working on a new text-based social network that’s also decentralized, similar to Mastodon. According to a report from […]

Mastodon Continues to Lose Users

07 Feb 23 | Mastodon, Social, Twitter, Windows

Usage of Mastodon has dwindled over the past two months, with monthly active users plummeting to less than 1.4 million […]

Medium Launches its Own Mastodon Instance

13 Jan 23 | Cloud, Mastodon, Medium, Social, Windows

Medium, the online publishing platform founded by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams launched its own Mastodon instance, The company aims […]

Mastodon Users Have Started Fleeing the Platform

09 Jan 23 | Cloud, Mastodon, Social, Twitter, Windows

Mastodon, the decentralized social network that saw its popularity surge as Twitter users were seeking an alternative has stopped growing. […]

Mastodon: The Open-Source Social Network Taking on Big Tech

This Week in IT, I look at Mastodon, a popular open-source social network that is becoming a common alternative to […]

Mastodon (Premium)

Like many Twitter users, I have concerns about Elon Musk’s takeover and the ham-handed way he’s managed the company. And […]

Twitter Suspends Some Journalist Accounts and Blocks Links to Mastodon

Elon Musk often likes to describe himself as a free-speech absolutist. However, his latest actions as the CEO of Twitter […]

Vivaldi Launches Twitter Competitor on Mastodon

Web browser maker Vivaldi today announced its Mastodon instance, Vivaldi Social, as an open alternative to Twitter, the dying social […]