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Sony is Skipping E3 and Microsoft’s Exclusives Are Cross Platform

Last year, Sony made a significant change to its gaming strategy by skipping the largest gaming-related conference of the year, […]

Google Backsteps a Bit on Its Security Disclosure Policy

08 Jan 20 | Google, Microsoft, Security, Windows

Google has made minor but crucial changes to its security disclosure policy after years of complaints from rivals. “We’re very […]

Lenovo Introduces New Creator Line of Computers for Content Creators

Lenovo is introducing a new series of consumer-focused devices at CES 2020 this week. The company today announced the new […]

Microsoft Is Slowly Pulling the Plug On the Harman Kardon Invoke

Microsoft’s first Cortana-powered device, the Harman Kardon Invoke, made its debut back in 2017. The device, first available for $199, […]

Microsoft Unveils Xbox Series X, The Next Generation Xbox

Tonight, Microsoft pulled off a surprise and announced Xbox Series X, a new Xbox console that will arrive holiday 2020. […]

Microsoft’s Fluent Design Continues Forward with New Icons

12 Dec 19 | Fluent, Microsoft, Windows

A couple of years ago at Build, Microsoft made a huge splash with their new design language that they were […]

Cyber Monday Comes Early to Microsoft Store

You didn’t think you were done shopping, did you? Today, Microsoft announced new Cyber Monday deals online and at retail. […]

Micorsoft Cuts More Than £100 Off the Surface Headphones for Black Friday

Microsoft has a lot of deals on Surface devices for Black Friday this year. You can save up to £375 […]