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The Email Experiment Isn’t Over

Life is too short to use the Windows 10 Mail app. So, I’m on the hunt again for a desktop […]

Xbox Leader Calls for Unity in Gaming

Microsoft’s head of gaming, Phill Spencer, is calling for unity in the gaming world today. Spencer published a letter on […]

Microsoft Releases First Preview of the New Microsoft Edge for Mac

At Build, Microsoft teased the new Microsoft Edge running on a Mac. Not too long after, some builds of the […]

Surface Devices Get May 2019 Firmware Updates

Microsoft is releasing a number of firmware updates for almost the entire Surface lineup this month. The company seems to […]

Sony’s PlayStation Apparently Wasn’t Aware of Its Partnership With Microsoft

Last week, Sony and Microsoft came out with a big surprise announcement. Both the companies are teaming up to work […]

Microsoft Wants to Train 15,000 Workers on AI

17 May 19 | AI, Microsoft, Microsoft AI, Windows

Microsoft is announcing a new partnership with General Assembly to help more people learn artificial intelligence. The company’s new partnership […]

Microsoft Bringing Minecraft to the Real-World With New Minecraft Earth Game

Not too long ago, Microsoft demoed an AR-based Minecraft game for mobile devices. And on the 10th anniversary of the […]

Microsoft Partners with Sony … on Gaming?!

In a surprise announcement, Microsoft revealed today that it is partnering with video game rival Sony on game streaming. “Sony […]