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Mixer Creators Can Get Paid When Viewers Join Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft announced a new addition to the ways in which Mixer creators can get paid, and it won’t cost viewers […]

Streamer Review Goes Live on Mixer on September 4

Microsoft announced today that its Streamer Review system for Mixer will go live on September 4, 2019. “We want viewers […]

Microsoft Signs Exclusivity Agreement with Ninja

01 Aug 19 | Microsoft, Mixer, Windows, Xbox

Microsoft has made a significant change to how it will start promoting Mixer, the company’ game streaming service. The company […]

Mixer Commits to Community, Kills Mixer Create

Microsoft’s Mixer announced changes to the service focused on reducing harmful content and toxic behavior to cultivate a positive community. […]

Microsoft’s Making Changes to Mixer, Cutting Original Programming Staff

22 Jun 19 | Mixer, Windows, Xbox

Microsoft’s fiscal year end arrives next week and as is tradition around this time of the year, if the company […]

Mixer Loot Brings Rewards to Game Streaming Viewers

25 Apr 19 | Mixer, Windows, Xbox, Xbox One

While Mixer has long offered ways for viewers to reward game streamers, a new system called Mixer Loot rewards viewers […]

Mixer Introduces a Direct Way of Supporting Streamers

14 Jan 19 | Microsoft, Mixer, Windows

Microsoft’s Mixer streaming platform is introducing a new feature that allows viewers to directly support streamers. The company is launching […]

Microsoft Celebrates One Year of Mixer

Microsoft is celebrating the one-year anniversary of its Mixer video game service by rolling out tons of new features. “Mixer […]