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YouTube is Coming Back to Amazon Fire TV

Hell has frozen over: Google’s popular YouTube service is coming back to Amazon Fire TV in the coming months. In […]

Android Sync Coming to the New Edge

Credit: MSPowerUser Microsoft confirmed last night that it is updating the Android version of Edge so that it can sync […]

Breaking, Literally: Samsung Has a Fold Problem

Credit: Mark Gurman The folding displays of at least four Samsung Galaxy Fold handsets have failed just days after tech […]

Samsung uses green packaging for the Galaxy S10 line

18 Apr 19 | Mobile, News

Samsung released an infographic today related to the environmentally friendly packaging it is using for the Samsung Galaxy S10 line. […]

Intel Kills 5G Modem Plans

17 Apr 19 | 5G, Apple, Hardware, Intel, Mobile, Windows

In the wake of Apple’s blockbuster settlement—read: defeat—in its Qualcomm patent case, Intel has thrown in the towel on its […]

Google will give you up to $350 if you trade an Apple iPhone for a Pixel 3 model

16 Apr 19 | Mobile, News

Google will pay Apple iPhone owners to switch to a Pixel 3 handset via a trade-in. The payment comes in […]

Apple uses all-star athlete roster to get you excited about the Beats Powerbeats Pro (video)

16 Apr 19 | Mobile, News

Just in case it wasn’t entirely clear how the brand-new and as-yet-unreleased Powerbeats Pro earbuds aim to stand out from […]

Forza Street Launches on Windows 10, is Coming to Mobile

There’s a new Forza experience available on Windows 10 called Forza Street. But it’s coming to Android and iOS soon, […]