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Phil Spencer Says Sony is Protecting Its Console LeaderShip by “Making Xbox Smaller”

Phil Spencer is no longer mincing his words about Sony’s tactics to make Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard fail. […]

Phil Spencer Reiterates That Call of Duty Will Stay on PlayStation

Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft of Gaming has once again spoken up to clear out the persisting confusion about the […]

Phil Spencer’s Hot Take on the Metaverse is Perfect (Premium)

Phil Spencer’s Hot Take on the Metaverse is Perfect (Premium) – Premium Phil Spencer is exactly what Big Tech […]

Phil Spencer Hints At Possible Xbox Price Increases

Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming dropped some interesting tidbits about Microsoft’s Xbox business at the Wall Street Journal’s Tech […]

Phil Spencer Talks Acquisitions, Game Pass on Other Platforms

In about two weeks, Microsoft will be releasing its next-generation consoles where the company hopes to improve its market share […]

Phil Spencer Talks Pricing Strategy, PS5, and Pre-Orders

With the world working remotely, the challenges facing the Xbox team can likely be classified as extraordinary. Trying to launch […]