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Report: Sony to Merge PS Now, PS Plus and Take on Xbox Game Pass

Bloomberg reports something we’ve long suspected, that Sony will use some in-house DNA to better take on Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud […]

PlayStation Plus Up 3.4 Million Users, to 44.9 Million

  As part of its quarterly earnings announcement, Sony said that its PlayStation Plus subscription service added 3.4 million users, […]

Xbox Game Pass is Beating PlayStation Now

Microsoft may be losing the console wars, but its Xbox Game Pass video game subscription service is outpacing Sony’s offering […]

Sony Drops PlayStation Now Pricing

Suddenly facing a formidable new array of competition, Sony today announced that it is dropping the price of PlayStation Now, […]

PlayStation Now is the Biggest Game Streaming Service Today

Game streaming may be the future of gaming, but it’s a relatively tiny market today. And Sony is the biggest […]

PlayStation Now Picks Up Game Downloading

This week, Sony announced that its PlayStation Now service is picking up a crucial feature that will be familiar to […]

Reassessing the Sony PlayStation 4, Again

Over two years ago, I took another look at the PlayStation 4. But a lot has changed since then. How […]

Hands-On with PlayStation Now on Windows 10

Can Sony’s PlayStation Now service replace your video game console? It depends. I know that sounds like a cop-out. But […]