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Sony Enables Cross-play for Fortnite on PlayStation After All

After a series of backlashes, Sony is finally making a major change to its culture. So far, the company hasn’t […]

Sony Announces the PlayStation Classic

Sony is jumping on the video game nostalgia bandwagon and will release a PlayStation Classic mini-console with 20 pre-loaded games […]

PlayStation VR Gets New Superhot VR and Creed Bundles

Sony already had decent success with the PlayStation VR platform, selling more than 3 million units. To help PlayStation VR go […]

Bethesda Threatens Sony for Preventing Cross-Platform Play

Sony faced a lot of controversies when Fortnite launched on the Nintendo Switch. The company didn’t let PlayStation users carry […]

PlayStation is Having a Big Sale Too

Microsoft isn’t the only console maker offering a big video game sale right now: The PlayStation Store is offering up […]

Sony Cuts $100 Off PlayStation VR

As Sony gets ready to launch a ton of new content for PlayStation VR this year, the company is making […]

Sony, Once Again, Is Holding Back the Gaming Future

For a company’s whose tagline for their gaming console is “this is for the players”, Sony’s actions continue to speak […]