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Apple Exec Confirms iPhones Will Get USB-C Ports

26 Oct 22 | Apple, iOS, iPhone, Mobile, USB-C, Windows

Apple has confirmed that future iPhones with USB-C ports are coming following the new EU common charger law legislation requiring […]

Intel Announces Next-Gen Thunderbolt

It doesn’t have a name yet, but Intel says that the next version of Thunderbolt will be based on USB4 […]

EU to Make USB-C the Standard Charging Port Starting in 2024

The European Parliament approved today new rules that will force phone manufacturers to use a USB-C port for charging starting […]

How new logos will finally lead Apple users to the right USB-C cable

04 Oct 21 | Mac, USB-C

The problem with USB-C (technically “USB Type C” but nobody calls it that) is that it’s one connector with a […]

EU to Require USB-C for Mobile Devices

23 Sep 21 | Apple, Hardware, Mobile, USB-C, Windows

Despite Apple’s complaints, the European Union is ready to introduce legislation that will require device makers to use USB-C as […]

USB-C 2.1 to Support 240 Watts of Power

26 May 21 | Hardware, Mobile, USB-C, Windows

The USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) has announced a major update to the USB-C standard that more than doubles its power […]

Thunderboltable (Premium)

Thunderboltable (Premium) – Premium On Wednesday, Microsoft will announce several new Surface PCs, none of which will support Thunderbolt […]

Intel NUC + OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock

I’ve been using an Intel NUC as my primary PC for about a month, with no issues. Today, I finally […]