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What I Use: File Management (Premium)

What I Use: File Management (Premium) – Premium My approach to file management has evolved over the years, guided […]

The Perfect Thing 2020 (Premium)

At the end of every year, tech blogs lazily pump out “best of” lists culled from back-end site queries. And, […]

Rethinking Display Size (Premium)

One such issue is the size of the display. And while display size sounds like a simple enough topic—it’s whatever […]

Rethinking the Home Screen (Premium)

Rethinking the Home Screen (Premium) – Premium The web is awash with ideas about how we can optimize our […]

What I Use: 2020 Road Trip (Premium)

What I Use: 2020 Road Trip (Premium) – Premium For the first time in over six months, I’ve had […]

Living with a Laptop: Docking (Premium)

Given my history and how much I write, I can’t work on just a laptop: The constrained and non-ergonomic keyboards […]

Living with a Laptop: First Steps (Premium)

Way back at the beginning of the pandemic, perhaps in very late February or early March, a coworker pinged me […]

Live the Thin Client Dream with OneDrive (Premium)

But we’ve already experienced steps towards this future. Today, most people use smartphones for communications, social networking, and games, and […]