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Windows 11 2022 Update is Now Blocked on PCs With Printing Issues

30 Sep 22 | Windows, Windows 11

Microsoft has identified new printing issues on the Windows 11 2022 Update that are serious enough to require an upgrade […]

New Windows 11 Preview Builds Are Available For Insiders

Microsoft has just released new Windows 11 preview builds for Insiders on the Dev and Beta Channel. The Windows 11 […]

Stardock Brings WindowBlinds to Windows 11

Stardock today announced the beta first release of its vaunted WindowBlinds UI customization app to support Windows 11. WindowBlinds 11 […]

Lenovo Yoga 7i 16 Review

2022 is the year of the 16-inch laptop, and the Lenovo Yoga 7i delivers with its convertible form factor, a […]

Lenovo ThinkBook 16p Gen 3 First Impressions

The Lenovo ThinkBook 16p is powered by AMD processors and NVIDIA graphics, and it’s aimed at creative professionals and content […]

Intel Unison Aims to Bring Phone Calls, Texts, and Notifications on PCs

Intel announced today Unison, the company’s own alternative to Microsoft’s Phone Link app on Windows PCs. Unison aims to sync […]

Edge Team Wants to Close the Gap Between Web and Native Apps

The Microsoft Edge team today said that it has enhanced how Progressive Web Apps (PWA) work, bringing them even close […]

Windows 11 Version 22H2, an Upgrade Story (Premium)

22 Sep 22 | Premium, Windows, Windows 11

Not surprisingly, I assume, this is how I spent most of Tuesday afternoon, the day that Microsoft released the Windows […]