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Google Fi Now Supports Visual Voicemail on iPhone

Posted May 4, 2019 | Android | Cloud | Google Fi | iOS | Mobile | Windows

The new version of Google Fi for iPhone now supports that platform’s visual voicemail functionality, a significant improvement.

“Visual voicemail (yes, finally!),” the Google Fi app landing page on Apple’s App Store notes under the “What’s New” listing. “Now your voicemails show up in a list, and you can listen, read the transcripts or reply—right from the app.” The latest version of the app also adds some “slicker animations and transitions, which you’ll probably only notice subconsciously.”

Google rebranded its Project Fi wireless network service as Google Fi in November 2018 and, more momentously, added support for iPhone and most Android handsets too. Previously, the service worked only with Google’s own phones and with a very short list of certified devices.

But this compatibility came with a few limitations. Those with iPhones and non-Fi-certified handsets cannot take advantage of Google Fi’s incredible network switching capability that moves connectivity to whatever GSM or CDMA network has the best reception on the fly. And on iPhone, Google Fi could not take advantage of iOS’s visual voicemail feature.

When I first tested Google Fi with iPhone in December, I was able to experience Google’s workaround for visual voicemail: The firm sends a text message containing a rough transcription of the voicemail. If you wanted to actually hear the voicemail, you had to call your carrier’s voicemail phone number and navigate through menus with your keypad.

No more. Now you can use your iPhone with Google Fi like it’s 2019.

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