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Google Launches New Experimental Features for Play Books

Posted August 16, 2019 | Google | Google Play | Play Books | Windows

Google is rolling out an update to Play Books online to introduce some new features. The company is launching a new system that will allow users to beta test new features on Play Books.

The system works much like every other beta testing system. You enable the experimental features you want to try out, and you can send feedback about them to Google if you want.

To kick things off, Google says it’s launching three new experimental features today. The first and main one is Custom Shelves, a new feature that essentially allows you to make your own virtual bookshelves. So you can make shelves for different genres, or use it to just organize your collection.

The other feature is the ability to search and sort your collection by things like author, title, last read, and price. And lastly, there’s a new Ready to Read shelf where Google Play will automatically show you books that you have read in the past and suggest you finish them off.

The new features are available to everyone, and it can be enabled on

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