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Google to Bring Pixel 7 Features to Older Pixels

Posted October 10, 2022 | Android | Google Pixel | Windows

Google has confirmed that some marquee Pixel 7 features, like Clear Calling and Guided Frame, are coming to the Pixel 6 series as well.

Google told Phone Arena that all Tensor-based Pixels—so, the Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, and Pixel 6a—will get Clear Calling in a future Feature Drop. This feature, which is not yet available on the Pixel 7 series either, uses AI to dynamically reduce background noise on phone calls.

There’s more. All Tensor-powered Pixels will also get a voice feature that lets the user say “silence” to stop an alarm from ringing (in addition to “stop” and “snooze,” which work now). Existing Tensor-based Pixels will also get the Guided Frame accessibility feature that Google showed off during the Pixel 7 launch event. This feature helps the visually impaired take better selfies by guiding them by voice.

And then there are the Real Tone improvements that Google showed off for the Pixel 7 series: the Pixel 6 series will soon be able to take advantage of these changes, which help to create more accurate photos of people with black or brown skin in low-light and other challenging conditions.

Finally, Pixel 6 series users will soon get a new Pixel Buds Pro feature that is currently only available on the Pixel 7 series: support for spatial audio. And all supported Pixels, currently Pixel 4a and up, will get Voice the new Message Transcription feature.

There’s no word on whether Face Unlock, which was originally planned for the Pixel 6 Pro and delivered with the Pixel 7 Pro, will be backported to that device. But the first possible timeframe for these new features is December: that’s when Google will deliver the next Pixel Feature Drop.

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