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Microsoft Brings Spotify and Phone Link Widgets to Dev Channel Insiders

Posted February 1, 2023 | Phone Link | Spotify | Windows | Windows 11 | Windows Insider

Microsoft has just released the Windows 11 Insider build 25290 to the Dev Channel. After Insiders got to test a new widget for the Facebook Messenger app last week, today’s build introduces new widgets for Spotify and Microsoft’s Phone Link app in preview.

The Spotify widget will have multiple panes, and the first one will highlight playlists and other music you may want to listen to. As for the Phone Link widget, it will be able to display recent notifications, your phone’s battery status, and more information about your Android phone.

To get access to these widgets, you’ll need to install the latest versions of Spotify and the Phone Link app from the Microsoft Store and then add the new widgets from the “+” button in the Widgets board.

“You should expect to see additional new widgets as more developers create and release widgets for their apps, the Windows Insider team said today. All developers can now create widgets for their Microsoft Store apps on Windows 11 with the Windows App SDK 1.2.

The other notable change in today’s build 25290 can be visible in the Start Menu: Microsoft is now testing new visual treatments for badges on user profiles and the pop-up window that shows up when you click on your profile picture.

With today’s build, Microsoft has also fixed the issue that prevented the team to release a new build for Windows on ARM devices last week. If you do have a Windows on ARM PC, you can safely install the build 25290 and try these new third-party widgets. Today’s build also addresses various bugs, and Microsoft mentioned a fix for an issue causing some testers to experience freezes when using the browser and other apps.

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