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Microsoft Launcher 6 Heads to Beta

Posted June 16, 2020 | Android | Microsoft Launcher | Microsoft Surface | Mobile | Surface Duo | Windows

It looks like the next-generation version of Microsoft Launcher that Microsoft previewed in January is finally heading to Beta as version 6.

News of this milestone comes via Dr. Windows. I discovered that link via Neowin.

As a backgrounder, Microsoft split development of the Microsoft Launcher, its Android launcher, into two tracks back in January, with the Microsoft Launcher Preview being completely rebuilt from scratch and providing an early peek at the launcher we’ll probably get with Surface Duo.

Since then, it’s made minor updates to the shipping version of Microsoft Launcher, which is version 5.x, and has improved the Preview version to add back features from 5.x. And now it looks like the Preview version will be branded as version 6.

I’m curious to see the latest version, but it’s unclear if there are any major changes. Neowin, for example, only notes that all the icons are round now. (As opposed to rounded rectangles, I guess.)

To get the Microsoft Launcher 6 Beta, you have to enroll in the Beta. To do so, install Microsoft Launcher 5.x; you’ll find an option to join the Beta in the app.

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