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Microsoft Says It’s Not Moving Its Hardware Production From China

Posted July 9, 2019 | China | Microsoft | Trade | U.S | Windows | Xbox

Last week, a report claimed that Microsoft, HP, Dell, Amazon, and some other big tech companies are looking to move production of their products from China to other Asian countries following the trade war between the U.S. and China.

According to the report, Microsoft was looking at Thailand and Indonesia as alternatives for the production of its products like the Xbox. And now, Microsoft is now refuting the report.

The company told Tom’s Hardware that is is not planning to move its manufacturing out of China. It also said that the company has no current plans to move its manufacturing from out of China.

The move comes as a bit of a surprise considering a lot of Microsoft’s partners and competitors are looking at alternatives to China. With Apple slowly moving the production of iPhones to other countries and the increasing uncertainty over the China vs U.S. trade battle, it’s surprising to see Microsoft not looking into any contingency plans.

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