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Microsoft Teams Reaches 13 Million Active Users, Possibly Overtaking Slack

Posted July 12, 2019 | Cloud | Microsoft | Microsoft 365 | Microsoft Teams | Office 365 | Slack | Windows

Microsoft is sharing some important details for its Microsoft Teams product. The company has been rapidly updating the service ever since its 2016 launch and with heavy competition from its main competitor Slack, the journey has been an interesting one for both the companies. This week, for the first time ever, Microsoft is sharing usage details on Teams. The reason?

It might have finally taken over Slack.

Microsoft shared on Thursday that Teams is being used by 13 million daily active users (DAU). The service also has 19 million weekly active users, which is definitely a massive number, considering Teams launch much later than Slack.

Here’s the interesting part, though: that 13 million DAU number is higher than Slack’s daily active users. When Slack last announced its DAU number in late January, the company had “more than 10 million” daily active users. Since then, Slack IPO’d only 3 weeks ago, and haven’t released an updated DAU number yet. So there is a chance Slack has a higher number of daily active users than Microsoft Teams, but for now, Microsoft is on the lead.

Slack’s stock price had gone down slightly on Thursday as well, though it’s hard to tell if that had anything to do with the Microsoft announcement. Either way, the competition between Slack and Microsoft has been a tight one, and Microsoft Teams’ growth has also accelerated quite a lot as you can see from the graph above,  so there is a very good chance of Microsoft leading the market right now, putting Slack at second place.

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