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Microsoft Wants to Help Business Leaders Learn About AI

Posted March 11, 2019 | AI Business School | AI School | Cloud | Microsoft | Microsoft AI | Windows

Microsoft is launching an online business school today. The company’s new AI Business School is designed to help business executives learn more about artificial intelligence to help grow their business. The AI Business School is essentially an expansion of Microsoft’s existing AI School which focuses more on the technical side of things.

The online school comes with a number of lectures, case studies, guides, talks, and resources from industry leaders as well as Microsoft’s own executives. The aim of the school is to teach business leaders to learn about AI and how it can be integrated into their business strategy. The modules go into things like AI strategy, integrating AI into your business’ culture, governing AI responsibly, and more.

The AI Business School is completely non-technical and designed exclusively for people with a business background, so you won’t be learning about neural networks.

There are a number of learning paths for the school, with up to 7 modules per path. You can find out more about the AI Business School here. 

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