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Microsoft Wants to Train 15,000 Workers on AI

Posted May 17, 2019 | AI | Microsoft | Microsoft AI | Windows

Microsoft is announcing a new partnership with General Assembly to help more people learn artificial intelligence. The company’s new partnership with General Assembly plans to upskill and reskill up to 15,00 workers over the next three years.

As part of the partnership, Microsoft and GA will help with 2,000 job transitions for workers into AI and ML roles in the first year, and train an additional 13,000 workers with AI-related skills over the next three years.

Microsoft will be joining GA’s AI Standards Board as part of the partnership, along with other industry leaders to set standards for AI skills within the industry. Microsoft and GA will also be building scalable AI training solutions for companies to help employees learn AI, and it will be launching a new AI Talent Network to hire candidates for AI work.

Microsoft has been investing heavily in AI, much like other tech companies. But unlike others, Microsoft has been pretty prominent at teaching and training employees, as well as partners about AI. It’s not the first time Microsoft has done something like this, by the way.

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