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Roku Has Over 30 Million Active Accounts

Posted August 9, 2019 | Music + Videos | Roku | Windows

As part of its earnings report, Roku revealed that it now has 30.5 million active accounts, a gain of 1.4 million in the quarter.

“The industry-wide shift to streaming is accelerating,” a Roku letter to shareholders reads. “Our business momentum and ongoing investment in areas of competitive differentiation continue to drive growth and attract users, advertisers, and content publishers. This resulted in a robust increase in active accounts, healthy growth of streaming hours, and continued progress in monetization.”

Roku posted a loss of $10.4 million on net revenues of $250 million for the quarter ending June 30. The latter figure is a significant jump of 59 percent from the year-ago quarter. Perhaps even more important, Roku for the first time earned over $20 in revenues per active user account in a quarter. And Roku’s monetized video ad impressions more than doubled year-over-year, the company said, to $167.7 billion.

As a result, Roku raised its revenue predictions for the full year to $1.085 billion, about 6 percent higher than was previously expected. Wall Street responded by sending Roku’s stock surging as much as 22 percent. Helping matters, Rosenblatt analyst Mark Zgutowicz said that Roku outsold Amazon Fire TV by as much as 5X. “We see Roku’s brand positioning continuing to snowball from here,” he said.

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