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Your Phone for Windows 10 Can Now Save Photos Directly to PC

Posted May 3, 2019 | Android | iOS | Mobile | Windows | Windows 10

A new update to Windows 10’s Your Phone app lets you save your smartphone-based photos directly to the PC.

Sometimes it really is the little things.

“We added a handy option to the right-click menu for photos in the Your Phone app,” Microsoft’s Analy Otero Diaz tweeted yesterday. “In addition to [the] Copy and Share [options] you can now save a photo directly into your PC!”

As you may know, the Your Phone app provides useful integration functionality between your Windows 10-based PC and (today, mostly Android-based) smartphone. Key among that functionality is the ability to view your 25 most recently-taken smartphone photos.

Until now, saving a photo from your phone to your PC was a bit tedious: You could copy and paste to a photo-editing app like Paint, or view a photo in the Photos app and then access a “Save as” function from the See more menu. But now you can simply right-click a photo thumbnail in Your Phone and choose “Save as” from the context menu that appears.


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