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Apple says interest in the ‘richer, larger’ HomePod is at an all-time high

03 Feb 23 | Mac

It might seem strange that Apple launched a 2nd-gen HomePod speaker that’s nearly identical to the first one, but there’s […]

Down is up: iPhone slumps, iPad soars, and a massive quarter isn’t massive enough

03 Feb 23 | Mac

If you were bored of all those stories every three months about Apple’s quarterly financial results setting records and posting […]

Forget a new HomePod, Apple needs an assistant that’s actually smart

03 Feb 23 | Mac

Voice assistants aren’t perfect, and it would be unreasonable to expect them to be. The technology to recognize words themselves […]

What does Apple Mail’s ‘Load Content Directly’ button do?

03 Feb 23 | Mac

The message “Unable to load remote content privately” may not offer enough advice on how to proceed even though a […]

An original sealed iPhone is expected to sell for as much as 50 iPhone 14 Pros

03 Feb 23 | Mac

The iPhone 14 Pro may be the phone everyone wants, but an iPhone from 2007 is expected to fetch 50 […]

Apple’s Q1 2023 earnings show first revenue decline in nearly 4 years

02 Feb 23 | Mac

Apple on Thursday posted its first quarterly revenue decline since 2019, bringing in $117.2 billion which is down 5 percent […]

This short film about time travel was shot entirely on an iPhone 14 Pro

02 Feb 23 | Mac

Apple has a long history of producing amazing short videos and films that were shot on iPhone. Its latest is […]

Apple reportedly axes the position of design chief in major company shift

02 Feb 23 | Mac

Ever since Steve Jobs rolled out the iMac to a captive audience in 1998, Apple’s head of hardware design has […]