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Microsoft Starts Rolling Out Bing Image Creator in its Bing Chatbot and Edge

Microsoft announced today that it has started rolling out a new Bing Image Creator feature in its new Bing chatbot […]

Microsoft Lets Everyone Try its New Bing Chatbot

Microsoft is apparently allowing everyone who joins the waitlist for its Bing chatbot to access it immediately. Windows Central was […]

Bing Chat Responses Are Coming to the Top of Search Results

Microsoft is planning to replace the featured snippets at the top of its Bing search results page with responses from […]

Microsoft Says Bing Has Now Crossed 100 Million Daily Active Users

Microsoft bringing new generative AI capabilities to Bing last month has helped the search engine to gain momentum. Yesterday, Microsoft’s […]

Why ChatGPT and A.I Are the Future of Search

Get ready to witness the future of search engines in action! Microsoft’s Bing Prometheus is set to revolutionize search with […]

Microsoft’s New Bing AI Comes to the Bing, Edge, and Skype Mobile Apps

Microsoft’s new AI-powered Bing is coming to mobile devices this week. The Bing mobile app is being updated today to […]

Report: Microsoft is Exploring How to Bring Ads to its Bing AI

Microsoft has reportedly been discussing how to monetize its new Bing chatbot with advertisers. According to Reuters, Microsoft has demoed […]

Microsoft Shares an Update on its AI-Powered Bing Rollout

It’s been a week since Microsoft started rolling out its new AI-powered Bing, which added ChatGPT-like features for answering questions […]