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Samsung Expands Its Galaxy of Stars (Premium)

So, I’ve pre-ordered a Galaxy Note 10, partially because Samsung is offering a particularly good promotional trade-in rate on my […]

What I Use: Home Swap 2019 (Premium)

As I write this, we’re about two-thirds of the way through this year’s home swap, which is taking place near […]

Microsoft Redesigns OneDrive for iOS

Microsoft is launching some major upgrades to the OneDrive apps for mobile devices. More specifically, the company is introducing a […]

Microsoft Doubles OneDrive’s Standard Storage Plan, Introduces New Options for Office 365 Customers

Microsoft is introducing some interesting changes to the OneDrive pricing and storage plans. It’s expanding storage options for OneDrive customers […]

OneDrive Now Has a Personal Vault for Your Important Files

Microsoft is launching somewhat of a major security feature for OneDrive users today. The company is introducing Personal Vault, a […]

Microsoft Kills OneDrive Music Streaming in Groove Music

15 Mar 19 | Groove Music, OneDrive, Windows

Microsoft has revealed that it will retire the ability to stream music from OneDrive to the Groove Music app in […]

Digital Decluttering Check-In: Photos (Premium)

As you may recall, I discussed my desire to (re)jumpstart my paper photo scanning efforts in late January. This is […]

These are the Apps I Rely On (Premium)

I install the same basic set of desktop applications, web apps, and Store apps on every PC I use. Here’s […]