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It’s Time to Bring (Real) Windows 10 to the Raspberry Pi (Premium)

The Raspberry Pi 4 is the first ultra-low-cost computer board from the Raspberry Pi Foundation to offer truly PC-like performance. […]

Programming Windows: Windows Application Basics (Premium)

That transition would take several years and several versions of Windows. But whether it was an operating environment on top […]

Programming Windows: Wintel (Premium)

The original design of Windows was inexorably tied to that of the Intel x86 microprocessors on which it and MS-DOS […]

Ask Paul: June 21 (Premium)

21 Jun 19 | Ask Paul, Paul, Premium, Windows

Happy Friday, and Happy First Day of Summer (at least here in the Northern hemisphere). Here’s another Ask Paul to […]

19H2gate (Premium)

Commitment may not be your thing … If that’s the case, sign-up to be a Basic member on With […]

Beanth a Surface Commentary: Surface Unveiling

Chapter five is all about Microsoft finally showing the world its new tablet but not everything went according to plan. […]

Programming Windows: Hello, World (Premium)

(Fun aside. The C programming language was so named because it was based on an earlier Dennis Ritchie (and Ken […]

Programming Windows: In the Beginning (Premium)

As noted previously, Windows 1.0 finally arrived in November 1985, two years after it was first announced. Described by Microsoft […]