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Ask Paul: May 25 (Premium)

25 May 18 | Paul, Premium, Windows

It’s the start of a long Memorial Day weekend, but here are some reader questions to get the holiday started. […]

Andromeda Dreams and Awakenings (Premium)

Yes, folks, Andromeda is real. Beyond that, most of what we think we know about this coming platform is pure […]

What is Microsoft Edge? What Should it Be? (Premium)

Inspired by a forum post, I’m revisiting one of the more contentious issues we have with Windows 10. The […]

Behind the Scenes: Chicago 2018 (Premium Video)

This week, Paul and I were in Chicago and as we have done on all of our trips, we recorded […]

Ask Paul: May 18 (Premium)

This was sort of a short week from a free time perspective, so this is sort of a short Ask […]

A $400 Surface Tablet? God, Yes (Premium)

Why would Microsoft backtrack on its premium PC strategy in 2018 and be planning a new run at the low-end […]

We Need a Microsoft One Too (Premium)

Microsoft needs to meet—if not exceed—the features of Google One for its own consumer customers. I have a few ideas. […]

Let’s Talk About Tech Enthusiasm (Premium)

15 May 18 | Microsoft, Paul, Premium, Windows

Most personal technology products and services just aren’t that exciting. But here are the exceptions, spanning 20 years of Microsoft […]