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Microsoft Now Lets You Hide the Bing Button in Edge

Microsoft has quietly issued an updated version of Edge 111 that lets you hide the ugly new Bing toolbar button. […]

Microsoft to Cut Off Bing Results to AI Rivals

Bloomberg reports that Microsoft has alerted partners that they cannot use Bing search results in AI products that compete with […]

Opera Brings More AI to its Web Browsers

Opera announced today that it is adding more AI-based functionality to its Opera and Opera GX web browsers. Key among […]

GitHub Announces Copilot X

Microsoft’s GitHub announced today that it is evolving its Copilot functionality with ChatGPT-4 to provide chat and voice interfaces, pull […]

Mozilla Launches New Startup

Mozilla announced today that it’s launching, a new startup dedicated to building a “trustworthy, independent, and open-source AI ecosystem.” […]

Bill Gates Chimes in on AI

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates says that AI is one of only two revolutionary technologies that he’s witnessed in his lifetime. […]

Adobe Offers More Responsible Generative AI

In a sharp retort to OpenAI and Microsoft, Adobe today announced Firefly, a family of responsible generative AI products and […]

When Everything is AI, Nothing is AI (Premium)

Just weeks into the AI era and we’ve already reached its conclusion: every product and service imaginable is adding AI […]