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Google is Working on Blink-Powered Browser for iOS

Google has started working on a new web browser for iOS that uses the company’s Blink rendering engine instead of […]

What I Use: Bitwarden (Premium)

I wasn’t a LastPass user, but the recent security issues with the service were the push I needed to adopt […]

Microsoft Edge Adds Experimental Split Window Feature

Microsoft has started testing an experimental Split window feature on the Edge Canary channel. As detailed by Microsoft enthusiast Leopeva64 […]

Microsoft Edge Version 109 is Out With New Text Prediction Feature

Microsoft Edge version 109 is now available on the Stable channel. This update brings a new text prediction feature, and […]

LastGasp (Premium)

LastPass used to be easy to recommend, and even the occasional security breach was understandable and, to date, handled correctly. […]

Google is Changing its Chrome Release Schedule Next Year

Google announced this week that it plans to change its release schedule for new Chrome updates starting in 2023. Just […]

Firefox Now Supports Windows 11’s Efficiency Mode

Mozilla today announced the release of Firefox 108 which, among other things, adds support for Efficiency mode in Windows 11. […]

Microsoft Edge 110 Will Drop Support for Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 in 2023

After releasing Microsoft Edge version 108 on the Stable channel earlier this week, Microsoft announced today that Microsoft Edge 109 […]