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Google is Up to Its Old Tricks With the New Edge

Google’s Chrome Web Store is probably the web’s biggest extensions store. Chrome Web Store allows users to download extensions for […]

What Tracking Protection Can’t Protect Against (Premium)

What Tracking Protection Can’t Protect Against (Premium) – Premium The promise of new web browsers like Microsoft Edge is […]

Microsoft Proposes a Dual-Screen Future for Web Apps

It’s no secret Microsoft is going all-in on dual-screen devices. So far, the company has talked a lot about developing […]

Microsoft Edge Gets Native ARM64 Support

Microsoft launched its new Chromium-based Edge browser back in January. At launch, however, the stable builds of the new browser […]

Reader Mode Improved on Opera for Android

Opera announced today that the Android version of its web browser now supports a vastly improved reader mode, which eliminates […]

Chrome’s Ad Blocker is About to Get Useful

Google Chrome includes an integrated ad blocker, but it doesn’t do much of anything. That’s about to change. “In 2018, […]

Microsoft Enables Support for More Languages on Edge DevTools

Since the launch of the new Microsoft Edge browser, Microsoft has received a lot of positive feedback. The company has […]

Microsoft Is Bringing One of Edge’s Tab Management Features to Chrome

Microsoft’s new Edge browser is based on Chromium, and the company has been making a ton of changes to the […]