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Google Releases First Android 11 Developer Preview

19 Feb 20 | Android, Android 11, Dev, Mobile, Windows

It’s landing almost a month earlier than usual, but Google today announced the release of Android 11 Developer Preview 1. […]

Microsoft to Host Mixed Reality Dev Event

With its MWC plans thwarted by the Coronavirus outbreak, Microsoft will now host a Mixed Reality Dev Days event just […]

What I Learned Porting .NETpad to … UWP? (Premium)

What I Learned Porting .NETpad to … UWP? (Premium) – Premium The Universal Windows Platform (UWP) isn’t particularly well-suited […]

Windows 10X Emulator Release Lets Developers Build Apps for Dual-Screen Devices

Microsoft first introduced the world to its upcoming foldable devices, the Surface Neo and Surface Duo, back in October of […]

Microsoft Proposes a Dual-Screen Future for Web Apps

It’s no secret Microsoft is going all-in on dual-screen devices. So far, the company has talked a lot about developing […]

Microsoft Updates Surface Duo SDK, Introduces macOS and Linux Support

Microsoft is today releasing a new version of the Surface Duo SDK. The company first released the Surface Duo SDK […]

It’s Microsoft 365 Developer Day!

Today, Microsoft will finally explain how developers can target dual-screen experiences and give us our first real peek at Windows […]

What I Learned Porting .NETpad to C# (Premium)

What I Learned Porting .NETpad to C# (Premium) – Premium I decided to port .NETpad from Visual Basic to […]