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Apple didn’t actually lose the Epic case—but what if it had?

Last week saw the court ruling in the Apple versus Epic case and after the dust has settled it seems […]

iOS 15’s beta tweaks show Apple is finally listening–just like it always has

This year, for the first time ever, Apple has listened to customers. Other than all the other times it did. […]

Apple’s App Store deal with developers is all spin, no substance

The Macalope has given The Washington Post a hard time lately for its excessively neener-neener coverage of Apple so it’s […]

How I learned to stop worrying and trust Apple’s privacy policy

You can tell that Apple didn’t quite get its announcement of CSAM scanning right because it’s weeks later and we’re […]

Apple’s biggest problem is only getting bigger

17 Aug 21 | iOS, iOS 14, iPhone 12, Mac, Macalope

If App Store developer relations is a two-way street, one side of it seems to be covered in potholes. (Metaphors […]

The facts, fiction, and fantasy of Apple’s child abuse scanning tools

The Macalope is glad he was off last week because he needed the rest before coming back to this week’s […]

That iPhone Pegasus spyware threat is much ado about Android

Are you a human rights activist? Do you have a relative in jail in a totalitarian country or are you […]

If Apple wants to fix its App Store problem, it should allow sideloading

As the winds of fortune get set to buffet the company with the cruel gales of antitrust inquiry, Apple is […]