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Apple takes a stand on the environment—the wrong one

06 Oct 21 | iOS, iOS 14, iPhone 13, Mac, Tim Cook

According to several reports, Apple is trying to have its environmental cake and eat it, too. Eat it in a […]

Google’s airtight legal defense: Apple is better

Have you ever noticed how sometimes the things a company says to the public at large or the investment community […]

The next big thing comes to those who wait

21 Sep 21 | Apple Car, iOS, iOS 14, iPhone 13, Mac

Apple announced the iPhone 13 lineup last week, touting cameras, longer battery life, different colors. A lot of people have […]

iOS 15’s beta tweaks show Apple is finally listening–just like it always has

This year, for the first time ever, Apple has listened to customers. Other than all the other times it did. […]