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Alexa Users Get Free, Ad-Supported Version of Amazon Music 

Amazon today announced that its Alexa customers now have access to a free, ad-supported version of Amazon Music. The news […]

Google Home Users to Get Free, Ad-Supported YouTube Music

Google announced a free, ad-supported version of YouTube Music to all users of Google Home and other Google-powered speakers. “Starting […]

Report: Smart Speaker Installed Base to Top 200 Million This Year

The market researchers at Canalys claim that the smart speaker installed base will top 200 million globally by the end […]

Latest Roku Release Pushes Roku Channel to Forefront

Roku’s latest system software begins a not-so-subtle shift towards pushing the firm’s own streaming service. For those who have appreciated […]

IKEA Announces Sonos-Powered Smart Home Devices

Quirky Swedish furniture retailer IKEA has announced a range of Sonos-powered smart home devices that it will begin selling in […]

Amazon Prepping Alexa-Powered Wireless Earbuds

According to a new report, Amazon plans to ship Alexa-powered wireless earbuds in late 2019 to take on Apple’s AirPods. […]

Bring Out Your Dead (Premium)

In memory of the beloved Microsoft consumer products and services that have been ripped from our cold, dead hands. The […]

BBC is Blocking Google Podcasts

The BBC has admitted that it is blocking all of its podcasts from appearing in Google Podcasts, Search, and Assistant. […]