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Windows 11 Cozies Up to iOS and $$$ for A.I. Features in Microsoft 365

Stephen Rose shows me the new integration between Windows 11 ‘Moment 2’ Phone Link and iOS, and we discuss whether […]

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Get ready to witness the future of search engines in action! Microsoft’s Bing Prometheus is set to revolutionize search with […]

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This Week in IT, Windows 11 is now officially supported on Apple Silicon but it’s not all good news if […]

Will Platform Engineering Replace DevOps?

This Week in IT, I look at how platform engineering could mean saying goodbye to complexity and uncertainty, and saying […]

Goodbye Electron. Is Tauri the Future of Cross-Platform Apps?

Could Tauri, a new framework based on Rust, spell the end of slow, resource-intensive apps, like Microsoft Teams that are […]

What Users Really Think About Windows 11 and FY2023 Q2 Earnings

This Week in IT, Gartner lets slip what corporate users really think about Windows 11, Microsoft invests big time in […]

The Darkside of ChatGPT, Chrome Gets Rusty, and Twitter Officially Cuts Off 3rd-Parties

Researchers claim ChatGPT could be used to create malware that can morph to evade detection. Googles says Chromium will start […]

Windows 12 – A.I. Is Going To Reinvent Everything You Do

Microsoft’s Panos Panay revealed what the future of Windows might look like at CES. The post Windows 12 – A.I. […]