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Find My Device

Windows 11 includes a feature called Find my device that can help you locate your PC if it’s lost or […]

Windows Defender

Protecting Windows 11 against viruses, malware, and other electronic attacks requires a combination of common sense and using and relying […]

Windows Security

Though Windows provides numerous features that help protect you, your data, and the PC itself, most work automatically in the […]

Windows Update

Windows Update is a utility in the Settings app that keeps your PC up-to-date with security and bug fixes, version […]

LastGasp (Premium)

LastPass used to be easy to recommend, and even the occasional security breach was understandable and, to date, handled correctly. […]

Tech Year in Review – The Best and Worst of 2022

This Week in IT, I look back at the best and worst tech news of 2022! The post Tech Year […]

Apple Announces End-to-End Encryption For iCloud Backups and Photos

07 Dec 22 | Apple, iCloud, iOS, Mobile, Security, Windows

Apple is making some big changes to iCloud to make user data more secure. With the upcoming Advanced Data Protection […]

Microsoft Brings Certificate-Based Authentication for AAD to Mobile

In yet another step towards our passwordless futures, Microsoft this past week unveiled a public preview of Azure Active Directory […]