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Apple Faces Backlash After Removing Parental Control Apps

29 Apr 19 | Apple, iOS, Mobile, Privacy, Windows

Earlier this year, Apple removed several apps from its store that were designed to help control what your kids were […]

Mozilla Calls on Apple to Make a Privacy Improvement

While it appreciates Apple’s stance on privacy, Mozilla is calling on the firm to make a change that would improve […]

Facebook Announces Major Privacy-Focused Transformation

Facebook is announcing some huge plans for its services today. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg today published a blog post on […]

Facebook Isn’t Keeping Your 2FA Phone Number Private

04 Mar 19 | 2FA, Facebook, Privacy, Social, Windows

Facebook’s privacy problems never end. The latest edition of Facebook and it’s poor handling of users data involves phone numbers […]

Apple Releases iOS Patch to Fix Major FaceTime Privacy Bug

Apple is today releasing iOS 12.1.4 to iPhones this evening. The company’s latest update to iOS includes a critical fix […]

Facebook Bug Exposed Pictures of 6.8 Million Users

In September, Facebook revealed a security bug that allowed hackers to gain access to 50 million Facebook accounts. Around the […]

Facebook Confirms 50 Million Accounts Were Hacked

Facebook reported a major security issue affecting around 50 million users. The company discovered a security attack whereby hackers gained […]

Skype’s Encrypted Chat Feature Comes to Everyone

Earlier this year, Microsoft launched a new encrypted chat feature for Skype in a limited preview. Today, the company seems […]